We combine corporate and boutique marketing, give it a casual spin and toss it at the cannabis industry

The cannabis revolution is here and it’s not the picture you thought it would be. It’s business, inside and out. It’s suits and ties and meetings. It’s stock trading. It’s amazing to be alive these days and see this time in history.

With that being said, please don’t get the idea that we at the Cannabis Marketing Lab are “stuffy” in any sort of way. So far from it. Our office is on the beach and we are doing your work in shorts and t-shirts, and we do it very very well. Our office is modern and cool, purple and popping green. We work as a team… your team. Yes, we clean up well when needed, but we would rather be here doing what needs to be done.

We are entrepreneurial peeps who take more risks than just getting a paycheck. We don’t win, we don’t exist, if we don’t help make you successful. We have to either save you money or make you money. On a good day, we’ll do both.

The industry is on a snowball roll right now and it will only become more so. The good, the prepared, will survive and the others will fall off. Which one do you want to be? Marketing is one of the most important components of the game. Together, we can win and you will be the one left standing. There are many reasons to get into this industry; medical, recreational, supportive, whatever it may be, we want to watch you grow and to grow with you. We were the first cannabis-specific marketing companyin existence; our experience is invaluable. We aren’t TRYING to be the largest. You get lost in large. We are just trying to be the BEST. WE WANT THE JUICE TO BE WORTH THE SQUEEZE.


Some Ways We Can Make You Better

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are IN HOUSE and amazing. We create so you can “grow”.

Web Design

Web Design

Our websites are among the coolest. Light. Modern. Clean. Lovable.



Google is a science. We are a lab.
Get it?

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We have 4 full time social sharing managers. They love that stuff.

Let’s Jump Out of the Box


Content Creation and Press Releases

Content is everything… just ask Google. It’s all so technical, but our two in-house content writers will do you proud. Your blog will rock as will your press releases.


Photography and Social Video

Google owns YouTube. You want organic SEO? Video it. Oh, and our two in-house video creators and editors are awesome.


Product Packaging and Design

One of our graphic designers is a product packaging specialist. She’s good.

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Celeste Miranda is the cannabis industry’s best marketing consultant who has put together an amazing team to execute out-of-the-box ideas.