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Cannabis Board of Experts and Consultants

Our board of advisors at the Cannabis Marketing Lab works with us to not only help our company expand our own reach in business services and clientele, but also to help us grow our clients’ businesses and customer base as well. This advice ranges anywhere from the latest trends and strategies within the industry legal information that pertains to our clients and us. Our board of advisors helps us by making time within their own busy careers and lives to consult with us and allows us to keep consistently improving our clients as well as ourselves. They are key contributors within our company and we are thankful to have them “on board.”

Dr. Rachna Patel

The Medical Marijuana Expert
Walnut Creek, CA

Greg James

President & CEO
Marijuana Venture Magazine
Seattle, WA

David Kotler, Esq

Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers LLC
West Palm Beach, FL

Kate Awada

5700 Consulting
Englewood, CO