‘In the Weeds’ Episode 10: BDS Analytics’ Own Claire Kaufmann Dishes About The Le’Or Cannabis Passover Seder 2017-05-15T19:11:17+00:00

‘In the Weeds’ Episode 10: BDS Analytics’ Own Claire Kaufmann Dishes About The Le’Or Cannabis Passover Seder

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About Claire Kaufmann:

Claire currently serves as the NW Regional Director for BDS Analytics, working with more than 65 retailers and brands across the northwest. Claire and her husband Roy are also co-founders of Le’Or. Claire has worked with leading brands for almost two decades including Kettle Foods, Travel Portland, Calvert Social Investment Foundation and Steve DeAngelo’s Harborside Health Center. Her take on the future trends of the cannabis industry, and the questions facing marketers and entrepreneurs are sought out by national and international media, cannabis industry leaders, and key players in the traditional marketing world. Claire holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Graziadio School of Management at Pepperdine University, where she focused on brand marketing and development. She has three adorable but exhausting children ages 10, 8 and 6.

This week’s podcast features “In the Weeds” co-host Claire Kaufmann, talking about her 501c3 Le’Or. Le’Or is a Jewish drug policy non-profit dedicated to engaging the Jewish community around the issues of federal marijuana legalization, the war on drugs and prison sentencing reform. Le’Or’s Cannabis Passover Seder, sponsored by Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Soaps, promises attendees a spiritual journey like none other. The holiday of Passover retells the Jewish story of enslavement and then ultimately redemption and hard-fought freedom. The purpose of the holiday is remember what it feels like to be slaves and to re-appreciate the freedoms we sometimes take for granted in our day to day lives. It also serves as a reminder that we are still enslaved to many things – money, ego, approval, perfectionism… The Cannabis Seder arcs similarly with the Passover Seder story, in that we remember the journey we still have in front of us, while appreciating the freedoms we have earned today.

Today on “In the Weeds:”

– What does cannabis have to do with spirituality? Do people really use it for that?

– Why use cannabis at Passover? And what is Passover anyways?

– Who comes to your seder? What is it like?

– Can I download the Haggadah? How can I get involved?

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