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Meet Our Marijuana Marketing Experts

Our Small Team with Big Ideas…

The Cannabis Marketing Lab consists of interdisciplinary teams with BIG IDEAS. We begin the process of branding, designing and promoting from day ONE. As you may notice, there are only just a few of us, but we guarantee that we get larger amounts of work done FASTER and BETTER than one of those huge corporate places. Since there is a small amount of us, we are able to fluently work together to help your business grow. Plus we are easier for you to communicate and work with because we listen to what you have to say.

As our CEO and fearless leader, Celeste’s goal is to empower cannabis-related businesses to grow and succeed through digital marketing strategies.
NicoleExecutive Assistant
Nicole is Celeste’s Executive Assistant. She keeps Celeste organized and on time. Yes, feel sorry for her.
HayleeVP of Marketing
MaribelVP of Social Media Strategies
Maribel oversees our Social Media Managers in all things cannabis. She is a QC hawk and does all that while watching TMZ and doing Zumba all at the same time.
DanielleTCML, Canada - President
Danielle is the President of our Canada Division. She hangs out in beautiful Victoria BC. Celeste is jealy.
MattOf Counsel
Matt built his career on being one of the best attorney’s in the wine industry. We are expanding his horizons. He also broke his ankle skiing
RaviOf Counsel
Ravi is one of our amazing attorneys always ready to do what he does… you know, attorney stuff.
Adam Headley
Adam HeadleyProject Manager
PortiaSocial Media Coordinator
Portia is an old pro at marijuana marketing. She is super creative and efficient and awesome. Yeah, she’s awesome.
JenniferSocial Media Coordinator
Jennifer is our marijuana Social Media Manager. We give her all the hard accounts. She secretly loves it.
GinaSocial Media Coordinator
Gina Bee is an amazingly creative out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to social media. She beeeeee cool!
Michael Conte
Michael ConteWebsite Design Assistant
AamirLead Web Developer
Aamir designs, manages and develops all client websites.
KatieSEO Analyst
Katie is our SEO Analyst, making sure that Vikas is hitting all the sweet spots! She has been with large SEO firms and brings a TON of SEO experience to our crew.
VikasSEO Specialist
Vikas is our SEO god. He helps our clients rise to the top of Google and be seen.
JocelleGraphic Artist
Jocelle, aka “Chubbs” is a diamond in the rough. She is one helluva designer!
JericoGraphic Artist
Jerico creates awesome graphics and promotional images for our clients.
AicyGraphic Designer
Aicy is one of our main our go to peeps for all things design. He’s creative and all that stuff.
EnigmaContent Creator
Enigma has a cool name. He is an awesome writer with a ton of experience. Very cool dude.
RobPress Release and Content Writer
Celeste has said that Rob is one of the best writers she has ever seen. Aaaaaand… she’s not easy to please!
Arif is all things video. He loves video. No, he really loooooooooves it. Like kinda in a weird way.
GaddieBlast Designer
Gaddi is our sexy Venezuelan Mailchimp guy. He creates all of our email campaigns. Super talented and knows the mail monkey like the back of his hand!
KyleAudio Engineer
Kyle engineers our sponsored podcast, In the Weeds. He’s a very talented California boy.
SeanData Analyst
Ok, he looks like CIA, but believe us when we say he tears data apart.
Alaiza Marketing Assistant
Alaiza helps with all things marketing. She is pursuing her marketing degree so this is initiation by fire.