Going Big and Being Loyal: A Look at Cannabis and CBD Events

The cannabis industry has always been interesting, but now, the CBD niche is shaping up to be even more intriguing. It wasn’t that long ago that MJ Biz was the only expo to attend. Now, there are so many you can literally find something almost every weekend. CBD expo’s seem to be popping up all over [...]

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How to Build a Culture Within Your Cannabis, Hemp or CBD Business

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. It doesn't matter how great your plans to introduce a new cannabis or CBD product to the market are if your culture weakens execution. Culture is how things get done around a company. Great leaders focus on the culture their leadership helps create as much as they focus on business strategy. [...]

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2019 Marketing

Too many cannabis businesses silo their marketing efforts. They have plans for SEO and/or email marketing or social media, but rarely connect them all. Your marketing should not be in silos. You need a holistic, integrated marketing plan that includes several components. The point of marketing is to: build brand awareness explain & inform attract customers [...]

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How to Conduct Competitor Research that’s Actually Useful in the Cannabis Industry

When was the last time you thought about your competitors? When you enter the keywords ‘competitor research’ into Google — you’ll be bombarded with SWOT analysis templates, feature grid matrixes, and other genuinely unhelpful methods. Think about the SWOT analysis: how can you tell what the true weaknesses are that your competitors face? It’s extremely difficult and almost [...]

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10 Creative Reddit Marketing Ideas for Cannabis and CBD Companies… yes, Reddit.

As the fourth most visited website in the U.S. with over 138,000 active communities, business owners and marketers are persistent on trying to reach Reddit users. But this platform has a reputation for being a tough site to market on… and what about cannabis and CBD related stuff? Let’s find out. 1. Feed the Community with [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your CBD Start Up Without a Big Budget

Let’s face it, as much as we all wish it was so, starting out really isn’t as easy as becoming an overnight sensation, especially with such a new industry. That simply doesn’t happen. When it comes to getting your name out there, startup marketing is a huge deal. But what can you do when you just [...]

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How to Market CBD Products in the Sea of Uncertainty

There is a lot going on with the CDPH, FDA and anyone else who can burst a bubble about CBD. These “regulations” (term used very lightly) must be necessarily met in order to function properly as well as legally. What are these regulations and how can a CBD vendor become compliant? What is FDA and how [...]

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Some Graphic Design Tips for Non-Designers in the Cannabis Industry

Given the power of visual content (it’s more memorableand more engaging than text-based content), many cannabis marketers have turned to DIY graphic design software or contracted with graphic artists. With more traditionally text-focused people entering the world of visuals, it’s time for a brief refresher on the essential principles of design. It’s time for a reminder that the [...]

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What Cannabis B2B Brands Need to Know to be Successful on LinkedIn

“But I’m from a B2B company. How does all of this apply to us?” I must get a version of this question in almost every marketing call I take. My answer is always the same: “B2B customers are people too.” On entering the office, we don’t stuff our B2C brains into the desk drawer, replacing them [...]

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Cannabis + Influencer Marketing is it a Fit?

What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is the process by which brands leverage well-known figures who have influence over their target markets to promote their brands. This doesn’t mean you need to be able to afford to pay Lil Wayne to promote your concentrate line. In fact, many of the most successful influencer marketers are not extremely famous. [...]

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