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CBD focused digital Marketing Services

We. Just. DON’T. Stop.

Celeste Miranda and Associates, a Cannabis Marketing Lab provides Graphic and website design, search engine optimization, digital media strategy, content writing, email marketing, photography, and videography, we really do it all.

Cannabis Graphic Design

Cannabis Logo & Graphic design

Your logo is the first representation customers will have of your brand. Fundamentally, a logo creates a unique mark that differentiates you from other businesses but a good logo is the cornerstone of your brand. It helps customers understand what you do, who your are and what you value. We feel the same when it comes to all graphic design needs, as everything comes together to help tell a cohesive story for your brand.

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Cannabis Web Design

Cannabis Website Design

Everything is digital today. If a customer is wanting to know more about your company and brand, the first thing they will do is search for your website. We focus on three main principles of web design: Visual Aesthetics (how pretty is your site & the design), Functionality (how easy can you navigate the site), and Objectives (what are the goals of the site). A quality website is clean, well-organized, easy to navigate, modern, functional, branded and motivates the customer to do business with you. We make sure all of these principles are covered across all devices.

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TCML social media services

Social Media

Social Media has become an integral part of any business’ digital marketing strategy. Social Media plays a vital role in networking & communication, improves your brand awareness and helps create brand loyalty as well as increases website traffic and enhances your SEO rankings. We go over all of these desired attributes and build your social media platforms to reflect your brand in every way possible.

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TCMl SEO Services

“Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”

Great SEO performance starts with your website. Your website needs to be information rich, mobile friendly, and secure. All are important when trying to enhance visibility on search engines. We offer advanced on-site optimization and comprehensive off-site tactics to help maximize your SEO efforts on all accounts. At the end of each month you get to see the results of our practices with a detailed analytics report.

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Digital Media Strategy

Digital Media Strategy

Analytics tracking and analysis are big factors that need to be taken into consideration when driving a business. At the Cannabis Marketing Lab, we gather your analytics and take all of it into consideration in order to make adjustments to better boost your business. We use these results to increase website traffic and social media interaction, ultimately increasing your company’s success. You get these reports, along with our review notes on a monthly basis.

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Consumer Touch-Points

We study your customer touch-points to help identify current and prospective customers, enhance customer service experiences and help you create a customer journey map to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way.

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Content Writing Services

Content Writing

Original content is crucial to creating a successful business. Our content writers are continuously writing blog articles, press releases, and other content that draws customers in and keeps them coming. We make content interesting and entertaining by keeping current with the latest news and trends.

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email marketing Services

Email Marketing

We use the latest email marketing strategies and gather your customer’s and social media follower’s email addresses to send them your newest offers and latest news. This drives website traffic and sales, brings in new customers, and builds a loyal repeat customer base. We design some of the coolest looking HTML eblasts you have ever seen… guaranteed!

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TCML photography


At the Cannabis Marketing Lab, we take and create eye-catching, visually appealing, and effective photography that lets your customers get the visual effect of your business. In addition to our in-house photography studio for product photography, we have fun traveling to our clients’ locations and taking photographs of where it all happens.

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TCML Video Graphy

Social Video

In addition to our photography and graphics services, we also record and collect video footage of your products, services, and company headquarters and locations. Our video producer takes all of this footage and creates videos to get the attention of possible customers and reminds your repeat customers of why they chose you in the first place.

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Branding, Storycrafting & Styleguides

TCML specializes in luxury branding by taking a hands on approach and fully immersing ourselves and time one-on-one with our clients. Each marketing platform created is built specifically for the client resulting in a well-defined, engaging user experience and successful conversion.

All work is meticulously hand crafted by our team with ultra-high resolution photography & design elements.

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In this industry it’s all about credibility and who knows who. Celeste has taken years to grow the roots needed to cultivate important relationships in the space which ultimately serves to benefit our clients.

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Marijuana product development & Packaging

We are constantly doing A/B testing with this. Opening a beautifully designed package is like opening an unexpected present. We think every first encounter with a new product should feel that special. The packaging we design stands out on shelves, instructs the user how to set up the product, and enriches their overall product experience – leaving customers surprised and delighted at every step.

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Event Planning & Management

We have partnerships with affiliate companies to help bring scalable executions to life. We can help you set up, promote and manage any launch party, Investor Meetings, flash mobs, or anything else you may want.

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Linked In Profile Revamp

Want to establish yourself as an Industry Influencer? Linked In is the way to do it. Let us set up your Linked In page to bring you into Influencer status. We can help you connect to strategic partners and influencers within the Cannabis Industry which when you align yourself with the right brands can help you gain long-term success. Oh, and did we mention Celeste is our CEO? – influencer networking services are available!

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